Africa is the most enormous and the second most populous continent, next to Asia in both instances. At approximately 30.3 millions km2 including adjacent islands it constitutes about six percent of the Earth’s surface area and almost 20 percent of its water area. With about a billion people currently as of 2021, it constitutes about 16 percent of the entire world’s human race. Africa is a landmass stretching between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, stretching southward to the Indian Ocean and westward to the Mediterranean Sea. Africa contains numerous countries as well as many diverse ethnic groups and civilizations.

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The major African countries are Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, the Gambia, Mali, Algeria, Cape Verde and the French Guiana. Among these, the largest country and the most densely populated are Egypt. Cairo, the seat of government and the biggest city in Egypt, is home to about a fifth of the nation’s total population; in addition, the Nile River and its delta are among the longest rivers in the World, the longest being the Amazon. Other notable rivers in Africa include the Akan, Aweber, Ghanian, Kalahari, Khamer, oire, Laganas, Niger and Zambezi.

Africa has many very interesting landforms that include the dessert and the high plateaus, the plateaus that include the Sahara Desert and the Great Indian Thar Desert. Africa is also known for the great variety and a large variety of flora and fauna that can be found in the land. The continent of Africa boasts the second largest number of wildlife sanctuaries in the entire world and is believed to have one of the most biodiverse Earth systems in the world.